Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Galbreath_Drucker_Assignment 2

Hello all,

Here is my paper as a pdf. My subject is images in natural history/zoological texts through the Drucker/McVarish scope, and I appreciate any critique you might care to share. I hope to use some of this material toward my final, probably in a less linear fashion, and with a deeper focus on the relationship between 19th century imagery and contemporary thought.

And here is my timeline, a collaborative effort with my group partners, and is something that will prove useful for other projects as well. Next time, though, I will go back to Excel, since Word isn't very flexible for this large of a chart.

Many thanks to my study group, Tricia Carlton, Amy Giroux, and (my writing partner) Valerie Kasper. Their ideas, suggestions, and technical expertise were essential for my completing this project.  


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